ETHICALLY ALIGNED DESIGN: A Vision for Prioritizing Human Wellbeing with Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems

“Broadly, we recommend that technical organizations accept that meaningful human control of weapons systems is beneficial to society, that audit trails guaranteeing accountability ensure such control, that those creating these technologies understand the implications of their work, and that professional ethical codes appropriately address works that are intended to cause harm. Specifically, we would like to ensure that stakeholders are working with sensible and comprehensive shared definitions of concepts relevant in the space of autonomous weapons systems (AWS). We recommend designers not only take stands to ensure meaningful human control, but be proactive about providing quality situational awareness through those autonomous or semi-autonomous systems to the humans using those systems. Stakeholders must recognize that the chains of accountability backward, and predictability forward, also include technical aspects such as verification and validation of systems, as well as interpretability and explainability of the automated decision-making, both in the moment and after the fact.”

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