Policy Options: What could governance of lethal autonomous weapons look like?

There are a variety of opinions on the best way to mitigate and avoid the risks posed by lethal autonomous weapons to humanity. However, within the community advocating against the development of these weapons systems, there is growing consensus around two key elements:
The Positive Obligation of Meaningful Human Control: The positive obligation of human control, means that humans, not algorithms, must make the decision to kill.


Prohibitions on weapons systems incapable of meeting the requirement of human control. Article 36 has visualized a potential framework for structuring prohibitions.
(Article 36, Page 5 graphic)

Urgent multilateral action is needed to translate these consensus concepts into meaningful governance.

These elements could be implemented as permanent agreements, or time-limited renewable agreements to incentivize adoption by states concerned about premature prohibitions on future technological advances. 

Resources on the Governance &

Operationalization of Human Control